Club Registration & Info

Register at Polokwane Athletic Club

Join Polokwane Athletic Club by simply completing the 2021 PAC Registration Form (see below) and consulting and signing the 2021 PAC Club Fees.

Please also complete the ASA Licence Form.

Email it to or bring it to the Clubhouse on a Wednesday.

Join Club Comrades

Training Times

5km, 8km or 10km time trial every Wednesday evening from the Clubhouse, unless otherwise arranged
Training during the week – Monday to Friday
From Cycad Shopping Centre in Gen. Maritz street – 05:00 start
Saturdays Runs
To be communicated via the WhatsApp Group

Banking Details

Bank: ABSA
Branch Code: 334-248
Account Type: Current account
Account Number: 1150 622 081
Account Holder: Polokwane Athletic Club

Payment Reference: Full Name and Description of payment

Please send proof of payment to:

ASA/CLUB – Registration

Dear Member,

Thank you for assisting with the ASA online registration process.

The registration process are merely for Club Licensed athletes and existing members. If you want to join a club as a new member please indicate the club to us.

If you are a member from an existing athletic club please complete the detail that will enable your club to complete all the data on club level.

If you are not a club runner and do not want to join a running club please notify me that we can get your detail in the correct field and resolve later.

Please read the process below to assist with completing all the personal detail at CLUB level.

You have started with the REGISTRATION on the ASA website by completing some of your information.

You are already a REGISTERED member so in order to access Your Portal you must LOGIN.

Complete your details in the blocks on the home page with your IDENTIFICATION (ID Number) – TYPE (SA ID/Passport) and PASSWORD and “click” on LOGIN

Then you must “click” on the TAB above the picture “MEMBER” and “EDIT” to complete and update your information in your portal.

First select Your Provincial Province……. (This selection will access the window for the list of registered provincial clubs).

Only then you will be able to select your Provincial Club. (All the clubs will appear in the dropdown window on the screen).

Then complete your address – contact numbers – emergency contact and medical information.

If you have any further questions or require assistance please contact me.

For your convenience, please find herewith the link


Jakes Jacobs
ASA Online Admin
Cell :   082 658 7728

Join the Club 21 Challenge

Information will follow later…


Club Clothing

Age category tags – R50 for two
Running vest R240
Running shorts – Actual cost plus 10%
Track suites – Actual cost plus 10%
Club training shirts – Actual cost plus 10%
Black tights – Male & Female – not sold at Club

Membership and Other Fees

Individual Adult

Renewing Member
Membership R500
LIMA License R80
Development R20
Total: R600

New Member
As renewing member R600
Plus vest R220
Total: R820

Family (First two)

Renewing Members
Membership R650
LIMA License R160
Development R40
Total: R850

New Members
As renewing members R850
Plus vests R450
Total: R1300

Individual Scholar

Renewing Member 
Membership R150
LIMA License R80
Development R20
Total: R250

New Member
As renewing member R250
Plus vest R220
Total: R470

Sponsored Athlete

Renewing Member
LIMA License R80
Development R20
Total: R100

New Member
As renewing member R100
Vest R220
Total: R320

Life Member

Renewing Member
LIMA License R80
Development R20
Total: R100

New Member
Not applicable

Joining After June

Membership fees to be calculated per month remaining for the year for each full month. Rest of fees payable in full.

Individual Social

Renewing Member
Membership R300
Development R20
Total: R320

New Member
The same as a Renewing Member

Family Social (First two)

Renewing Member
Membership R420
Development R40
Total: R460

New Member
The same as a Renewing Member

Additional Family Members

Renewing Members
Membership R60 each
LIMA License R80 each
Total: R140 each

New Members
As renewing member R140
Vest R220 each
Total: R360 each

Du-athlon and Bi-athlon

Club will re-pay R 100 the affiliation fee paid by member to Gauteng North Duathlon.
Proof of payment must be submitted to the Club.

Club Comrades Fees

Per person joining Club Comrades – R400

Club 21 Fees

Per person joining Club 21 – R250

Rental of Clubhouse

Paid up member – No bar facilities or use of club equipment and cutlery R500
Paid up member – With bar facilities and use of club equipment and facilities R750
Non-member – No bar facilities and use of club equipment and cutlery R1000
Non-member – With bar facilities and use of club equipment and facilities R1250